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6 Comments for Clash of the Titans (2010)

  1. From admin on October 23, 2010: ()

    np, you should be able to bypass everything now 🙂

  2. From chris on October 21, 2010: ()

    thanks for replying and sorry it took so long but i was away. anyways my ip address is thank you. will you pls answer in my e-mail cause obviously i need to complete another survey to be able to read your answer. thanks again

  3. From admin on September 19, 2010: ()

    Give me your ip address and give you full access without doing anymore surveys
    go to

  4. From chris on September 19, 2010: ()

    Hi, one question how come every time I want to watch a film I haveto complete a survey? Is there anything I can do to watch films without completing a survey? Thank you

  5. From admin on August 4, 2010: ()

    u need faster internet, let it buffer

  6. From don on August 4, 2010: ()

    i was trying to watch clash of the titans , but the film was choppy plus a funny wheel kept appearing on the screen

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